With Reachout you can work with your support worker to tailor your hobbies and interests to meet your individual needs. We’ve built up good relationships with different charities and organisations in Norfolk and we can help you look at doing sports, joining a group, getting new hobbies or meeting people. Perhaps you are interested in doing some voluntary work or would like to learn a new skill at College? Whether you are sporty, musical, shy, artistic, like being outdoors or prefer the warm – we can help find something for you.


Some people that we support may require medication. Medication can sometimes be complicated or time consuming to organise. If you need support with the administration of your medication then let us know.  We can assist with stock control, re-ordering prescriptions, or taking you to medical appointments or reviews with your team.

Attend College or Work

We can help you to find meaningful and constructive things to do with your time.  We can access local colleges or work-based schemes and help you apply for and attend educational courses.  If looking for work, then we can work with other agencies to explore your options, seek new opportunity and apply for work.

Help you look after your home

We all need help from time to time and it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a safe environment.  We can work with you to prepare meals, shop, cook and clean and maintain a tenancy.  We can support with bills and keeping on top of paperwork and letters.  We can offer advice on sticking to a budget if you struggle with finances.

Have someone to talk to

We see the individual first, and a diagnosis second.  Quite often having someone to be there for you and to share your problems with can be the most useful form of support.  Being able to talk about the problems you face can be a big help and a good way to move forward, come up with solutions or just think about an issue differently.

Please download a referral form if you would like to refer someone to Reachout